My Drug or My Obsession. I feel which ever she is, she's hooked me. She keeps me on a natural high when im with her and only when she leaves me do I come down. Shunning the effects of withdrawl, I continue to fiend. My Mind, My Body, My Soul craves her. Cold sweats occur waiting to be reunited, to be in her pressence. Begging for her fix. She's My Pill, My Needle, My Substance. Over taken by her influence, I leave reality. In her pressence my heart races, I sweat, My eyes move rapidly. No Fear of an Overdose, I take all of her into me, longing for the high i recieved the time before. When im stressed she is my Drink. My Hard Drink to numb the pain and the sorrows of the world. Consuming all of her my throat and chest burn with passion for her. I get drunk off of her very words. I am aware thats she is my Obsession never a Fault, But Despite my efforts to stay sober, It's just so hard not to give in to my Addiction.

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