young love, old habits. but is it that serious. maybe not. just deep infatuation, but u cant lose your head. stay focused and don't slip. don't fall. playing in the back of your mind "you know what happened last time" but your gut feeling is telling yourself "I'm so ready, declare it" but u say "are u crazy" so here u are and there she is. when shes not with u shes on your mind. in over your head so pump your brakes man. calm down and take a breather. shes infiltrated your thoughts man. the same you'll never be, not now. u cant turn back, not because your not capable but because you'll never forgive yourself for letting her slip away. she's so perfect, heaven sent, and right for u. how god has smiled upon u for placing her in your life. so never will u turn away from her. deeply u care for her. u wonder whats running through her head and if shes thinking of u. if she wears her hair like that because she knows u like it. or if she kisses u the way she does because she feels the same. if she longs for your touch and the way u caress her hips in your absence. "shes quicksand man". at least that's what your boys tell u. "get yo swagger back kid" you tell your self. as u snap back to reality u realize this cant be happening, your too young and this is too early so your buggin. but r u really? don't panic. you've been here before so u know how to handle yourself. just play it cool. and take things one day at a time. she's yours kid so don't worry about it. don't blow it. just play by ear and follow your heart. that always works. keep your head up and your heart pure. So as i step away from my mirror i crack a smile and say to myself "shes special, and shes mine"

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