Heaven (No Muse)

I listen as she tells me her deepest thoughts and deepest secrets, Things shes held on her conscience for years. I listen and i feel her pain as if it were my own. my empathy for her is great and though i may not be able to relate, i try. as i take in her words i grow angry and anxiety courses through my veins. to think of the things she's been through and yet still feel the need or the want to still breathe. I think to myself that maybe god put her in my life or maybe I in hers to take away this sorrow, this sad song she sings continuously and replace it with joy. if so, then i acquire this task gladly. despite the few skeletons she holds in her closet that she never lets out to rest on the mind or soul of any other being. i count them as blessings instead of burdens, because through them, we are really able to connect. so despite the dark times we encounter, i still consider her to be a piece of heaven.

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  1. Omg Manny this is deep!!!
    i didnt know you had it in ya!!!lolz