Only Me

should i care that I'm not who you want me to be. i may not meet your expectations, but who are you to expect anything of me. should i really be concerned about how you see me? or should i be concerned about how i portray myself. should i care if you say that I'm not mature. or that I'm too mature for my age. that i know things i shouldn't but be frowned upon because i don't know things i should. is it bad that I'm afraid to fail. but what if i don't know how to succeed. can you really judge me? instead of extending your finger, extend a hand. don't judge me by my faults. not by the clothes i wear or the expensive things i may possess. take the time to understand where i come from. i flow my thoughts through a pen on to a pad and pray that they're felt. that they will close the mouths and open the ears of those who criticize me. that my words will open the eyes of those who see me through dirty lenses. those who cant fathom my demeanor. those who take my originality for duplicity. i dont intend to prove you wrong. i just want to help you understand why i am, who i am. no im not the best son, brother, student etc. but i dont build myself on that. i build myself on being the best me. i find serenity in being able to say, that at the end of the day "thats how emanuel would've done that" i dont live for you, i live for me, and you cant live my life. so let me live my life the way i choose to live it. so when i fail at something dont show me sympathy just show me respect. even though you dont understand why i made the descision i made respect the fact that i made it on my own. so if ever asked what i aspire to be, i'll simply reply the best me i can be.

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