reportin live, from the library

Haha so check it, im currently doing this summer school thing and all. so far its not that bad except i gotta be here ALL DAY. so im chillin in the library cus i got this big ass gap in between both of my classes. so here i am kickin it to you folks. so to start off my day was ok besides the fact i got rushed out the house, my shirt got dirty, and i had to drop 64 dollars on my books. UGH. but besides the fact, i met two of my oooold elementary school classmates that i have a class wit so im not a total loner, and also my girl and my nigga dre' got classes too so seein them in between mine is str8. haha and especially the "double dragon" and "i'll pinch yo neck nigga" incidents lol. <---(insider). and lunch was decent too i had fun chattin wit my two homegirls Faith and Naomi (i bully her soo badly lol ima stop tho) but so far so good but i gotta fix this schedule shxt. but thats all for this update i'll be at yall soon.

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