'Ville Speaks Vol. 2

Ok so here i am kickin it live again. im back on this blog touchin on another topic. so if ur familiar wit the blog. and u read "'Ville Speaks Vol. 1" yu would know i touched on females. but for this volume im touchin on niggas. not jus any niggas tho. im talkin bout them "hatin ass, green n the face, fat ass, no ab havin, think yu the ish cus u pulled one lame dame, gump ass niggas" (gump means slow mo, retarded like forrest gump) and if u a nigga and yu qualify and yu read this. this is about yu. and i wont be before yu long. but what ima touch on first is how niggas open they mouth bout how good they look and ish but the females they pull in aint even up to par. i mean like really if yu gon brag bout that... u should kill yourself. second thing is niggas who have the audacity to sit there and critsize anotha nigga for the female that he has, but they want. the way i feel is. "Bitch if yu want her but anotha nigga has her, he obviously throwin better game than ur lame ass can even fathom. so quit bein stuck on stupid and wipe the drool off the corner of your mouth yu gump nigga. third, is something i cant stand. if yur the nigga that i haved described above. and u know that a nigga is goin wit a girl, dont do some greenass junk like try to spit to that nigga girl. thats the most disrespectful junk yu could do man. cus like really thats some P.A.S. and if u do it to me and i call u out on it. do try to get gully cus trust me im bout mine. we can do it. i aint hard to find and yu know where i be. jus say the word. i'll make sure to invite my chic. and expose your gump ass in front of her to show her how much of a lame u are. u feel me. but i dont and u dont want me to go there i dont care if a nigga gave it to yu in navigation DO NOT GO THERE. so dont push me... but that ends this volume i'll be updatin on another topic soon.
im out

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