Kiss The Summer Goodbye

Ah... well its about that time of the year where you put ur board shorts on the shelf and pick up ur book bags and get ready to fill them with spiral and composition note pads and 3 prong folders for the seven classes you'll be seeing for the next 180 weekdays. yep its time to kiss the summer goodbye and the new school clothes and the smell of your homeroom classes hello. School is back in session and its back with a vengeance. not only do you see your friends from last year. but you also see the people you were beefin wit last year or over the summer too. that's always a joy. and O yea who doesn't love the school lunches? they're always great (NOT). the only thing great about a new school year is being one year closer to being out of that hell hole lol. When you get pass the hype of the things of high school you see it for what it is.... High school. lol the high school parties and the high school dances, homecoming week, and sporting events. Sure they are entertaining but i just believe life doesn't start until after this place. it doesn't start until I kiss this place goodbye. But for now I'm kissing the summer goodbye and these halls hello. Until the day i bless the college campus.

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