A Crazy Saturday Night

Haha ok so for those who dont know this would be my lovely lady Quaysha. we been going strong for about 5 months now. and whenever we're together we have a blast. so let me tell yu about my saturday night. So the day starts of with me wakin up and going to work dealing with "The children of the corn" at C.E.C (Chuck E. Cheese's). after i clock off work and come home me and her start chatting it up about what we want to do that night. and pondering ways ill be able to see her. So things didnt really work out cus my pops took my lil bros to the movies so therefore i couldnt get the car. So i ended up going to the movies wit my lil bros and she ended up babysitting. So im in the movie watchin Distric 9 (go see it and get that in your life) and i get a text. it reads "I got the car, im bout to come get you. we're bored and im trying to get you to come liven it up. So im like ok thats cool. So my movie ends and theyre on the road, and on the phone with me (cus well they aint know where they were at lol) and they finally get to the rave. so were driving and we're leaving the rave and as we get to the exit a cop flashes his light in the car. so here we are blinded and frightend of getting pulled over (cus we were in her neighbors big ass truck lol) we head out to the street and get stuck in traffic. so reggie and dominique are lookin back lookin for the cop while me and quay are lookin at the road tryna find an opening to get to the street. lol. so we get one and she punches it. so we ridin up the street and everyone is panicking. i say "baby pull over and let me drive. so we pull over at fleet and we switch. i get in the drivers seat and get onto the road. as im drivin i realize its mad dark. so i look at the ground and realize my lights arent on. so im like omg where are my lights. so we're riding tryna find the light switch and we finally find it. lol. so while we're riding we're all flipping out about how she drove all the way there without her lights on lol. yea it was a crazy night. but fun at that. jus thot id share cus well i had to tell sumone lol. thats it for this update. IM OUT

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