Worthy Of A Queen

Flawless. Fly effortlessly. One can only wonder how she might be obtained and the wonders she may bring if she were. A Queen fit only for a King. Will that be I. This day or this night, or even this lifetime, will I spend my lifetime with her? Will God bless me and give me that chance coveted by so many. To lay with her as she invites me into her world. To see what she sees and feel what she feels. Let her rest her head on my chest and fall asleep to the melodies that my heart sings to her. Because for her, it beats. For her I would lay down my life for without her I'm nothing. She's the clothes I wear. So I pray she survives this cruel world because without her I'm naked. But when my words are found and confined to the depths of her heart. How will she see me. Am I just another, or am I the King that deserves her. If so then let us walk in harmony. And lye in peace. Because for me it is truly an honor to be worthy of a Queen.

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  1. ...really love this Manny. Your girlfriend is a very lucky lady and vise versa. ;)
    keep it up young'N l0ls. im diggin' it all.

    -Sleeping Poet