Usher in the new...

so the summers over and schools back in session. at first i was kinda resenting walkin back in the doors of PF,but it wasn't until i did that i realized how much i missed everybody. It was mad cool kickin it wit everyone once again. it was like one big 'ol social event. well it pretty much was, but one that was organized for a more educational purpose. SCHOOL. lol. i rocked rude skinny's for the first time. i usually wudnt wear cus my knot wont fit. lol. j/p. but i put together a pretty decent outfit. i got a lot of good/bad feedback. all the bad was mostly from the dudes. but the real cool ones gave props. but otha than the social part, PF has jus gotten GAY. the administration and all the new rules are ridiculous. u used to be able to have ur fone at school. but now if your caught it gets taken?.... 3!+(# yu aint takin my phone. lol and then u used to be able to bring hats as long as they're not on in the building. but now if you even have it in your hand its confiscated... UGH lol. but sadly but gladly i wont be at PF for long. i leave in October and will be transferring to PJC. so i can grad in the summer of 2010. so i can finally start MY LIFE lol well that's it for this update. Stay tuned ill be updating soon. I'M OUT!

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