black boy white boy

ok so ive come to the conclusion that dressing like white people is jus easier for me. no discrimination type ish cus well i love white people and my black people. but dressing urban is jus so damn elaborate and what not. u gotta match this, and match this color wit this hat, and yu gotta have these j's. when really im like it let me jus go get a v-neck thats fairly tight so i can show off my frame (so everybody notice i been workin out) and some flip flops or sperrys. and call it a day. and well since all that retro ish is goin on right now, and the whole polo movement, im sure niggas will eat that ish up. so no more enyce, girbaud, polo, miskeen, or coogi for me. simply because i no longer like huge clothes and refuse to pay $100 for one pair of jeans sneakers or a shirt. (i work hard for my money) i think i'll rather roll wit the old navy, hollister, and american eagle. its alot cheaper and its comfortable. but dont get me wrong. im not giving up on urban clothes and sneakers completely. i might buy some ed hardy or a pair of dunks every now and then. so im thru wit this update i'll be updatin again soon.

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