Puppy Love =] (031609)

So this is my babygirl. we been going strong for about 4 months now and im lookin forward to many more months to come (possibly years) coming into this school year the words "relationship" "commitment" and even "love" were nothing i wanted to be involved with. but since i've met her i couldnt refuse her. she's like my bestfriend, my shrink when i need to talk, and when im hurtin she's my personal trainer (hehe). my life before was great and my life with her now is greater than before so i'd hate to see how life is without her. im her rock when she needs me to be. we bicker and we fight sometimes about trivial stuff but not one moment does the thought of leaving her cross my mind. baby you got me and i love yu dearly. hopefully we can overcome all obstacles TOGETHER.

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