Music hits hard but i feel no pain. only the pain that i feel already. it speaks to me during my darkest and loneliest times. it tells me it knows how i feel because its been there before. it gives me the best advice when i need it. heartbreak, hard times, long days, bad days. it tells me what i need to hear not what i want to hear. it helps me flow my thoughts through my fingers on to this keyboard for you to read it and feel what i feel. its my natural muse. since its the root word in music its only right that i give credit where its due. when I'm blue i turn it on and drift away, whether it be the smooth notes of a sax on a KG CD, or the S.L.A.B beats and spoken word of the rapper Z-ro, every song has its own story. never repeating itself unless i press repeat on my stereo. its my counselor. i bring to it the troubles of my world. and it drowns them in its many melodies. not replacing my god with music itself, but it gives me wisdom and understanding when I'm too deep in my troubles to hear him. vibrations is what I'm into. many melodic notes transmitted to my mental. the words placed perfectly withs instrumentals. my friend when i have none. so music, this is a dedication to you.

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