Bored thoughts make this. lol

I'm so gone like Cudi or Drake. do you hear yourself wit the accusations you make? I'm tryna make a better future for us, but it seems like lately all we do is fuss, i tell my boys but they ain't no help they telling me i should leave you on the shelf, but wit you i wanna share success and wealth and besides leaving you is bad for my health. i tell em I'm too deep, its too late to turn back now, my fellas asking hold on how? say hold on now, but its too late to turn back now, or try to move in a different direction, now a days decisions i make are harder than erections, I'm trying real hard to stay in this relationship, its like our chances are 50/50, so let the coin flip. and when it hits the floor, lets hope it lands on us, because the other side, will be the end of us. saying goodbye to you is something i cant do, so any problems that we have i wanna work thru, i wanna make you smile, when your feeling blue,and rest my hand on your thigh while laying next to you, and my fellas saying focus on these Otha hoes, they say i need to have fun and live by P.O.L.O (Players Only Live Once), but if players only live once then i must live twice, I'm not a player I'm the type that wants to take a wife. so c'mon babi lets love free and forget the strife, I wanna love you till the end i need you in my life.

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    i like it when Ur bored! l0ls
    U better tell'em Manny!
    But if this was really true, never bring others into Ur relationship. What ever U have with Ur lady is between U two. Young love is hard to get thru, & many ppl throw away love to quickly now days. Juss make sure U two communicate 200% percent because I've learned unspoken words can leave room for error. Make sure U know her every thought. I wish U two the best of luck! Im rooting for you all's relationship l0ls :)