As thoughts accumalate in my head and shit builds on my chest. i think to myself "I gotta push it off and lay my thoughts to rest" kill em before they become actions, and i find myself doing things that dont add up like fractions, strife is always present but joy is present in fragments, its a task in this world to keep ur head amisdt of all the madness. soberiety is a bitch and so is the life i live, when you've given everything you have what else is there to give? left with nothing in my grasp, all i know is to take, the happiness in my life i seek and the emotions i need to shake, u can always hear the rip when ur heartbreaks, but only few know the courage that love takes, especially when its easier to hate, but loving is such a hard task, instead of try id rather drown my problems in a flask, so i can slow my roll, because i hate living fast, a life i dont want to last, afraid of re-visiting the past, so i pray that the lord hears my prayers and grants me the peace that i ask..

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