Rain drops on my window. Does the lord cry because he feels my pain. But I will not weep. My heart is tough but my mind is fragile. It wanders. It travels. It flys above the clouds while my problems burn away in the ashtray. My mental is infiltrated with obsession and depression. Obssesed with my desires and depressed with thoughts of not obtaining them. So shake it I must. Keep my mind fried I will. I inhale numbness and exhale emotion. Pain and stress is now unfimiliar. the kush clouds the lines in my brain to ease the pain and ease my mind and keep me on cloud nine where I float above the things of this world. No worries and no fears. My pain dissappears. higher up I've gone and now I'm flying high with grey birds. grey shots burn in my chest to help me write my words. Words hard felt by those who don't know my inner conflict. my inner struggle. But I prefer to keep it subtle. Drown it instead of deal wit the issues of soberiety and the issues of the society I inhabit. the issues that inhabit me. I can't close my eyes I want too much. A life that I live laveshly. Afraid to blink cus I might miss my chance to grab it. Do I deserve the desires of my heart or possess the drive to have it. Praying that the puffs of the la help my fly, I wave goodbye as I leave my troubles on the ground. Sleeping on clouds dreaming of having the world. Sittin on top and never coming down.

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